What is FGC?

FreakGenius Creative (FGC) is an approach to creating and all the reasons behind the act of creating. It is research, work and behavioral change.
FGC compels you to answer the essential questions that lie behind every creative act. When you answer, those, you sharpen your tools and are able to get to the bottom of the issues you want to address.
I have boiled it down to a set of ten principles that allow us to examine the creative act, and I call it the FreakGenius Creative Method.

How does FGC work?

Here at FGC we break the creative process into its separate components, each of which must be examined thoroughly, and all of which – when taken together – support each other and present the artist with a full, dense and complete perspective on his/her/their creations.

Ok, but why FGC now?

Because you are here and you are searching for a way to get unstuck… to get out of your own way, creatively speaking.
If you are not and you merely browse that’s fine as well… when you’re ready for what we offer, come back and look closer.

Why do Paul's courses help me?

Paul’s thoughts in hos own words: “I have 34 years experience as a professional artist and teacher in the craft of devising creative material. I’ve trained performing artists and non-professionals alike in over 30 countries – I do not speak that many languages… we use translators. – and  I find that across the globe, people are very similar, in that pretty much everyone if asked, “Do you want to live a creative life?”, They immediately answer, “YES!”

That’s why this process is here for you now:

1. I’ve tried many ways to create, to teach people how to create…

2. I’ve made the mistakes and learned the effective methods, and

3. I have perfected these courses to help save time and get right to the heart of it.

I’ve been lucky: In 1987, at the age of 22, I started my first professional dance company. [It was actually more like a combination of dance, comedy acrobatics, clowning and theater, but for simplified labels here… dance.]

I learned how to find us agents and get us business, but here’s the rub: we did not use the normal not-for-profit business model. Instead we got 100% of our money from the contracts, instead of applying for funds. Almost no one was doing it this way and I had no peers to turn to and ask for advice. I just did the best I could and learned lessons as I went.

But many years later I realized that I’d become the person I wished I’d met earlier… the one who could advise the younger me and shorten the learning curve.

What does the name mean?

The name developed from my own understanding of people’s reactions to my ideas for throughout my creative life. I’ve found the following to be true: that people consider you some sort of Freak, until your idea is out there and doing well, after which they’ll call you a Genius.

I suggest from the start that you embrace both words and what they stand for. Be the embodiment of the “freak” and the “genius”.

Put your hand on a rock, look up in the sky, proclaim your ownership of your inner FreakGenius…and Go!

Is this hard?

Well… I suppose I should say YES, because this is a process that demands attention and focus. After all, it is your life we’re discussing… and NO, there isn’t an app for it. You give 100% and I’ll give you everything I’ve got. And at the end of a good day, you can press OK on the website make-everything-ok.com and get the nice, warm fuzzies, ok?
This takes time and effort and the work you’re requiring of me costs money. When you’re ready… we’re here and we won’t let you down!

Why get out of my own way?

Because YOU are the single greatest asset and obstacle to your own pursuit of your best creative life. OK, sure there are outside factors, but there comes a time when we accept that we choose to let those outside things help us, hinder us, or compel us to greater levels. This is because it is up to us, and we decide to either censor our own instincts or get out of our own way.