Which FGC program is right for you?


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This series of courses comes in varying lengths and intensities… all designed to assist you right where you are now.

3 different programs to fit your needs:


A. Inquisitive

B. Liminal

C. Boundless

One-time private session - Inquisitive

one-on-one intensive session designed to help you locate yourself, your goals and your desired path within your larger future creative path. We will ask questions, listen to answers and thoughts, and help you gain a clearer perspective and direction. Inquisitive level helps one locate one’s wish to enter a more advanced level of execution and exploration.

One-month Intensive - Liminal

This series follows a student-driven path towards creative self-expression. with this much time, you can learn how to be a Creative Badass. You will gain a clear direction and you will know WHY you want to say WHAT you want to say and you will be choosing a particular step in a specific direction. The Liminal level will assist you in determining the level at which you enter the Boundless program.

Three-Month Program - Boundless

This fully intensive program unlocks and unleashes your understanding of your message-making potential, art-wise. You will be able to articulate your intentions, your methods for incorporating them into your life and your future directions for actualizing your own messages. You will also understand how this may impact your public and your circles. The process involved in the Boundless program can be repeated with incremental advances in level, complication and depth..


Choose from:

1. Public Speaking

2. Men’s Empowerment

3. Creativity Overview

4. Advanced Performance

Each of these may vary in length to fit your program and schedule but are a full day multi-hour experience with pauses and a food break.

Workshops are available for specific age groups, (from 14-80 years of age)


Masterclasses are extremely hand-on and require advanced knowledge of the subject in focus.

A. Performance Art Intensive

B. Professional-level Creative Intensive

C. Speed, Chance and Failure

Masterclasses require initial consult for planning purposes.

Keynote Speeches

Keynotes are customized to reflect the nature of the subject matter, the pertinent topics, the theme of the event and potential current events that may be relevant to the conference, meeting, event, etc…

Keynote speeches will be approximately 12-15 minutes long with an uplifting, often comical tone and an inspirational

awards, lectures, presentations, credentials

Innovative Thinkers Conference

Southbank Centre

Chancellors Conference

heads of the schools of the SUNY system, New York State Universitiy system annual conference.

Governors Honors Academy

Simon's Rock of Bard Artist Lecture Series

Winner: Critics Choice Award- Edinburgh Festival

Late Nite with David Letterman

1.5 billion people

estimated worldwide audience for Paul Gordon’s artistic and creative lectures, performances and courses