Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Unstuck

Unlock your creative potential


Live your full Creative Life

Creatively speaking...

the issue is this:

how do you stop yourself from realizing

your artistic and creative potential?

The truth is...

that you stop yourself more often than you’d prefer.

This is because the mechanisms inside you

that stop you – the censor and the editor – are very loud.

They prevent you...

from making the new choice, the different choice

… the creative choice that changes things.

FreakGenius Creative is...

a method for helping you

get out of your own way, so you can

understand and recognize your own creative instincts

as part of a healthy, essential contribution to your life.


Because every professional artist needs to examine and reexamine his/her process and adopt new methods to jumpstart the next process.
This program activates your instincts and pushes further into your future projects.


What you do in your spare time… and how you do it… matters. You have things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten around to yet.
This program engages your creative spirit and helps locate and focus your inner motivation.


Every thing you do every day is an opportunity to act in a thoughtful and creative way.
This program integrates your actions into your everyday life and facilitates blending your daily duties and details with your own artistic flourishes.